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Our fund is absolute return focused, actively managed with over 100 years combined investment management experience from the team.

Quarterly Income Distribution of 9.75% P.A Net of Fees

9.75% Return Per Annum, Net of Fees

Interest Paid Quarterly

Minimum Investment of $50k

Australian Wholesale Unit Trust

12 month recommend term with 90 day notice

100+ Years of Combined Investment Management Experience

Combined, the team holds over 100 years of expertise in the finance and financial services industry.

Investment Term

Australian Owned and Run

Income Distribution

Years of experience within the Australian finance industry, locally owned and managed

Our funds pays quarterly income distribution at 9.75% net of fees

12 month recommended term with 90 day notice

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The Team

The Founder

Founder of Helio Lending, which provides personal short-term loans, Director & Founder Global Electric Trading Pty Ltd. Senior Executive Bendigo Bank and Adelaide Bank, CEO Founder INCH Corp Pty Ltd, Head of Marketing Sales Hannon Insurance & Superannuation Administration and Senior Advisor Sales and Business Development William M. Mercer

John O'Shea

The Investment Comittee

Don Christie

David Anderson

Simon Sallka

Don Christie Served as Managing Director of Equity Trustees Ltd. Served as President of the Australian Trustee Corporations Association. He served as the Chairman of Mariner Corporation Limited and served as its Director. He has been a Non-Executive Director of Becton Property Group Limited. Don is a Company Director and was Corporate Lawyer with extensive experience in business and compliance. He served as an Executive Director of Stanfi eld Funds Management Limited.

Simon is a co-founder and Director of First Guardian Capital, and is

the Chief Investment Officer. Simon has over 30 years investment

experience. He has specialised skills in equities research, ethical

and socially responsible investment, and macroeconomic analysis.

David is a co-founder of First Guardian Capital. He brings over 15

years of Investment Management and commercial experience to the

firm. He is jointly responsible for the management of First Guardian’s

investment portfolios, and is responsible for implementing the Firm’s

business strategy across Australia and Asia.

Quarterly Income Distribution of 9.75% P.A Net of Fees. 

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